Volvo 2007 on sale

Volvo 2007 on sale. 💵$24k💵NO DPF/DEF. 10 gears MANUAL.Cummins engine. 1.400.000 miles. Engine rebuild on 1.100.000 miles. 7-7.5 mpg. All 10 brand New tires ( bought like 3 months ago).
New kingpins ( SM truck repair )
New bushings ( SM truck repair)
New shocks ( SM truck repair )
Alignment was done ( louie tire shop )
Balance done (louie tire shop )
New CUMSHAFT ( SM truck repair )
New fen clutch ( SM truck repair )
New alternator (6 monts old at TA )
New AC compressor (SM truck repair)
New leaf springs on steering axle ( 7monts old at VOLVO )
New waterpump ( 11 monts ago at TA)
Nes radiator (11 months ago VOLVO)
Trucks don’t eat tires
Only problem that I have now with truck is tha on speed 28-31 , 42-45, 53-56, 62-64 truck is not accepting %100 of acceleration, is like you’re driving and when you get to these speeds is going to need a moment to go over it. I don’t know what it is, so I m seeing it.

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