Truck Driver Marko

Welcome to my channel! I am a truck driver from Serbia, who for various reasons in his country decided to move to America with his wife and cat, primarily because of a better life and a great opportunity for success. I am sorry that I could not achieve the same in Serbia, where people simply do not have the opportunity to succeed. We are not sorry that we left, there are great chances ahead of us and we are looking to make the most of them. My message to everyone who looks at their life and wants to make something of it is to leave Serbia and see how easy it is to live life to the fullest and be free! Take the opportunity to make something of quality out of life and not to be a slave in your own country because of someone’s bad policy and wrong running of the state! P.S. I hope you find it interesting and enjoy watching. We cannot change the past, so we need to work on our future! email: