Unique Freight Carriers inc.

Unique Freight Carriers aka U.F.C. is a family owned transportation & logistics company based in Chicago. We started the corporation in 2013 with only 1 truck and grew up fast and successful by virtue of our founder mr Filip Petrovic who’s vision was always striving for Unique.

Now we can proudly say we are the leading organisation in valuing and rewarding our employee’s efforts and dedication, and providing competitive rates for both our customers and employees along with delivering impeccable service.

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Unique Freight Carriers - UFC

called office three times and got sent to the answering machine abyss of nothingness.( 3 times). it was a wonderful young lady by the name of Tina who took 2 seconds out her busy day to see if a load made delivery for me, this one is for Tina, Thank you pumpkin! you are a blessing!
One of the best carriers I work with! They have an amazing tracking team as well. Thanks Novak and entire UFC team.
I was a driver for UFC until I got my own truck.
All I have is good experience working with them, great pay,great dispatch,organized company.
This was a great company when I worked there. I don't know about now. Nothing bad to say about this company. Period
in one word, fantastic, dedicated, determined, 24/7 support, no problems so far and I hope it will be like that in the future, all recommendations


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