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At King Logistics Inc, we understand the need of quality work and quality home time. We have over 10 years OTR experience and knowledge of the Driver’s and Owner-Operator’s needs and business. If you are a Driver or Owner – Operator looking for quality work, good and on-time pay as well as quality home time, we are the company for you. Download the application using the link below.

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King Logistics, Inc

This is the worst company known to man. I did everything possible to return their truck to only for them not to want to pay me my last check. Every week I received my pay check late one week I didn’t even get a pay check the dispatchers are the best in the world but the people that manage the money must have a serious drug problem. Do not come to this company they have no intentions on paying they will charge you for everything that goes wrong on the truck everything if have another opportunity I promise that is the best choice this company should be put out of business worst experience ever and everybody on here leaving good reviews is the dispatcher that work for them so don’t listen to them
I can honestly say I like this company!!! I don’t like the lease to rent option which is what I’m currently doing I prefer lease to purchase but other than that every thing is great. I never have a problem getting in touch or help from anyone it’s as simple as dialing the number and choosing the extension and your connected and they know u by name also even with these rates being all over the place for freight my dispatcher goes above and beyond to find the best paying loads which equates to me seeing a good check and a steady check (thanks Mike) also everyone is kind and always extends a helping hand I’m satisfied with hopes that it stays that way..
I've been driving for this company for 3 years. my person exsperiance through my eyes . I love my job and my company they were there for me during hard times and tried to make them easier . They keep me runing gave me a new truck a new trailer. Never messed my home time up they send me loads and leave me alone while I work them. As everyone with experience knows you get out what you put in as with every incentive job. They know me by name when I call in not a inmate ID number. This is a growing company I'm looking forward to growing with it . Are they perfect ? No but who is . If your reading reviews considering a driving position here my advice is come ready to work and be respectful and do your job amd you'll be treated like family .
At 1:30 pm EST on 5/23/2023 near Goose Creek SC driving on Rte 78 eastbound on the exit ramp to Rivers Avenue, a King Logistics truck with plate number 604 0937 tried to run me off the road as it approached from behind on the left. I was forced halfway off the road and was forced to also stop so the truck would pass me as it cut me off to get in front of me on the single lane exit ramp. Then a minute later as I tried to pass him on the left to get away, he swerved into my lane and nearly hit me, waving his arms frantically as if I had dome something wrong. Black male. Report filed with SC State Highway Patrol.
Only way I can leave a review. But this company is full of it. By all means have your antennas on when dealing with this company. They will not pay you your escrow let alone give a REAL EXPLANATION as to why they fired you. Haven't received payment and definitely reporting them to DOT, BBB, & Department of Labor. Drivers don't work for free


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