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At King Logistics Inc, we understand the need of quality work and quality home time. We have over 10 years OTR experience and knowledge of the Driver’s and Owner-Operator’s needs and business. If you are a Driver or Owner – Operator looking for quality work, good and on-time pay as well as quality home time, we are the company for you. Download the application using the link below.

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King Logistics, Inc

Recently became a company driver for King Logistics and am extremely happy and satisfied with how efficient everything is handled. Consistent miles every week and the pay is exactly what I was told it would be. Excellent dispatch to work with
Good working atmosphere, the boss is a wonderful person, he keeps his word, he does what he says. Respectful attitude towards employees. Punctuality and good pay. Finds time for employees and responds to wishes and opinions of employees.
I live on a three wheel base restricted road. Driver of truck 283 on Saturday October 30th after 1 PM drove on this road even though it is clearly marked. When told that he was violating the
law by being on this road, he laughed and said I didn't get caught did I. Not a company that I would recommend. Swiss Valley Road, Peosta, Iowa, Dubuque County $250 fine plus court costs. King Logistics need to stay on 4 lane highway and not go offroading on 35 mph backroad. I will file a complaint with National DOT about this company.
The men work with high quality in general, very well, there are trucks back and forth. In general, the truck drives normally, I especially liked the pider bilt in general, it’s good. You go enjoy the trip and everything is fine on this truck. What else I want to say, in short, everything is fine, well done and the pider bilt well done :)
So, I would saty it's a good place to work
I've been working here since April, nice cars and a high wage
Thank you!


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