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At King Logistics Inc, we understand the need of quality work and quality home time. We have over 10 years OTR experience and knowledge of the Driver’s and Owner-Operator’s needs and business. If you are a Driver or Owner – Operator looking for quality work, good and on-time pay as well as quality home time, we are the company for you. Download the application using the link below.

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King Logistics, Inc

While working for this company had i many bad experiences. Upon arrival I was told I was not responsible for hotel fees that they set up only to find out later they deducted if from my check without notice. Also when signing up I was told I would receive a truck within 2 days but I ended up waiting a week for a truck and even then it wasn't an updated truck. When truck goes in shop for repair or inspection I sat out another week with no pay or offered a different truck. In March 22 I return their truck to the company for inspection and truck stayed in shop until April 22 with me receiving no pay again and not even offered another truck to make money. I went to maintenance supervisor everyday and everyday he had a different lie for me. So after that incident I quit. After leaving company and paying in 3000 escrow that they promise will be return after leaving I was told by accountant Kristinia that I wouldn't receive anything due to not putting in a 2 weeks notice. I started February 8th and she claim she sent an email to All drivers February 9th advising of this in which I was not familiar with her or the company.. through email and never saw the email. So I explain to her I didn't see an email but she still stated I would not receive my money because of 2 weeks notice after I did everything else. This company is ok with letting you run how wanna run but poor when it comes to looking out and being honest to drivers. Worst experience professionalism in chicago office
When you have a driver behind you at Blacksburg, SC Love’s on i85 and you have gotten fuel and pulled forward to go in to use the restroom and get your fuel ticket doesn’t mean that you take a 15 minute break at the pull up fuel line to get your food. Learn how to park your truck if you are getting food. You are a poor driver and didn’t care who was behind you that was in was trying to leave. Trailer #4910 around 4:15pm. If I could post a picture, that is what I would do to proof my point.
Professional driver??i pull in at love staunton va I81 exit 21 on aug 15 around 22:30one of your driver,truck 255494 stay overnight and block 6 trucks on a row.
one of the knot heads kept riding his brakes for no reason and then i went to go around him and he would speed up...did that nonsense from richmond indiana all the way to indianapolis ..he looked like buckwheat
Good place to work, but a terminal is just a terminal trucks don't last for ever.


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