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Our company started in 2016 with just two trucks and a small office. We grow and every day is a new challenge for us. Right now, we have 100+ trucks. We strive to be large enough to have experts serve customer needs, yet small enough to communicate with every employee and client directly. Our staff and an outstanding team of dedicated hard-workers are what has contributed to our success.

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Strong One Freight LLC

I have been with this company for a 1 1/2 years. I have been treated with nothing but respect . You get a settle up email every Friday to make sure your records match there’s , and weekly deposit on Tuesday for pay. If there is an issue it has always been handled fairly and quickly. This company is for people who want to run and make $.
I have worked at a # of companies here in IL, but Strong One Freight has by far set the bar for all others, EFFORTLESSLY. I wasn't sure what to expect initially, due to the large # of imposters out there, but Strong One truly has an all star team. As you know truck drivers are not always treated with the respect they deserve. Well, this company annihilates this poorly perpetuated idea. They have proven they are truly concerned about your success by telling you the truth & not blowing smoke. When you come & check them out, you will meet what I refer to as their SECRET WEAPONS designed to make drivers feel appreciated again. I'm not an easily persuaded person, but 5 stars is well deserved by these guys. Keep up the great work & please don't change.I I
This is the 1st company driven for that I've been willing to refer another driver to. The people are always nice, courteous, call you by name & follow through on call backs. Being a woman in this field can be difficult,
but not with these guys. Miles/money is great, they take care of the trucks and trailers, and keep me moving. I highly recommend StrongOne Freight!
Strong one Freight is one of the most reliable and easiest carriers to work with. They go above and beyond and provide white glove service. The dispatch team is very responsive to questions. I can always come to them with any request and they will do their absolute best to get it done. I love working with these guys.
Best team I have ever met. An experienced staff always ready and happy to help both each other and their drivers 24/7. Only nice words for “Strong One”.


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