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Over the years Tara National has built a vast presence in the transportation industry. Step by step, we worked hard and decisively to become one of the leading transportation companies in the Miami area and entire Florida.

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Tara National Inc

This business is going down very soon, maybe that could be the main reason why they’re charging “fees” to their last remaining driver which aren’t much of them. In sunbiz it shows perfectly how it’s revoked for annual report and DOT they have a pending insurance cancellation. They think people are dumb lol I heard they changed their name now to “Tara Eagle Logistics LLC” don’t get confused that LLC is not new. Vukadin has that llc since January of 2021. I hope all this info can help every driver that needs to report all the money that has been taken from them because of some “fees” or because something you “broke” which you most likely didn’t or anything else. Y’all better save all the text messages, emails, phone calls this can be filed in court with evidence.
Terrible company, they gave me a bad truck with problems that dot would put you out of service for and they refused to fix. They told me they where going to fix the truck only to give the truck to someone else without fixing the issues. Truck broke down on me twice. Also they want you to run over your 11 hour clock everyday. Gave me loads that was over 13 hours away and wanted me to run it straight through because the delivery window is next day. They did the same thing to my friend told him the truck needed maintenance and never called him back. Stay away from this company at all cost. Also They pay through zelle no direct deposit which is another red flag. Slum Lord of a company trucks are all outdated junk. They don’t even answer the phone when you call them. I know for sure that Two of the 5 star reviews are from the people that work in the office
Please believe the bad reviews. I have two friends working for this company and what they have gone through is unacceptable. Vuk is the owner but he’s a very arrogant person he tries to explode his drivers as much as possible getting paid .60 cents per miles and even less than that, he does not allows any company drivers to get new tires he doesn’t really mind what is legal and what it isn’t. He makes sure those tires explode and will replace them with other very much used tires that will explode eventually. My friends are currently going through the same situation most of the company drivers from this company goes through, they haven’t gotten not even a response about the two last weeks worked and the escrow money which they haven’t gotten paid. Nevenka/Nena from accounting which is the one to send the settlements and your payment, well she is the sister of the owner and does exactly what Vuk does for their own benefits they will try to put as much as they can so you basically don’t get paid what you are supposed to. It’s a shame this company haven’t gotten a sue for the illegals things they continue to do with the drivers including driving more than the 11 hours they are supposed to drive. Tijana she works in the office where you will get recruited has no manners at the time of answering to employees when something happens. Be careful with this company!! and las but not least majority of this drivers will get influenced to get a truck so bad 😂 their business is about you buying a truck from them because after you sign that contract you will be paying a high mileage used truck that they had explode for years and months.
Dont know this company.
Amazing person with my ♥️


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