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AAA Freight, Inc. was founded as a small company in early 2010 with only 4 tractors and trailers. Step by step, truck by truck and year after year, we had worked hard and decisively to become one of the leading transportation companies in the Chicago area

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AAA Freight, Inc.

If you find this review helpful please tell them I referred you. My truck number is 800098. Thank you.

If you are looking for a good walk away lease opportunity, this is the place to succeed. If you can’t run 10,000 miles a month, then this is not the company for you. Reasonable prices for lease to own, if you know how to negotiate and you can prove you consistently ran 2,500 miles or more with your current employer.
Consistently booking high paying freight. High quality dispatchers. Modern facilities (but small) for drivers to use at the terminal in south holland. Very few places to park there though.
24 hour 800 number call center for help. List goes on… They care about their drivers and it shows.
Communication between departments needs improvement.
If you get a speeding ticket the penalty is $1,500 and if you get put out of service due to your own negligence of the truck, there is a fine for that as well.
Trucks governed at 69 pedal 71 cruise.
They take very good care of their trucks to lease.

Do not rent a truck more than a month with this company or you will not make it. I only recommend lease to own with them.

80% of load to the driver and they also put 10 cents a mile go into an escrow account for maintenance/tolls/taxes/etc. for you to use.

Hands down best company to work for 2024.

Update: Accounting department is top notch. They will work with you so if you still have escrow or other deductions coming out of your paycheck, and you need a bigger paycheck for a particular week, they are willing to move out or wait to withdraw it for that week so your paycheck will be bigger. Then the following week they will deduct it. They strive to make sure you have the funds you need, when you need them. Very friendly/helpful accounting department.
I am a driver here at this company and been going here several times and whenever I am there, Its been a pleasure to meet the people there and listen to your needs! The lady at the front desk is superb, so helpful and respectful. Not to sound cliche, if you want a company to treat you fairly and respectful look no further.

To start everyone here was very pleasant and very honest. Me and Jennifer have been absolutely blessed with how wonderful everyone here is. Everyone here is in a position to help you be as successful as possible with the system they have developed. (Which is better than most I’ve seen 9.5/10). AAA will keep you busy and help you make yourself some money, good money if you work hard. If you need more structure then this lease option is not for you. This is a more advanced setup designed for those who want to work. The equipment they have is top notch. You can get Volvo 860, Pete 579, T680, Cascadia. All in excellent shape. They take photos of when you receive the truck and trailer you are issued. You are an independent contractor, if the equipment is damaged you are responsible just as you would be for your personal car. You rent/own the equipment, this company will work with you. If something happens it happens, everything is case by case but what I have seen is if you have the right attitude and are honest they can work with you. They know you have bills and responsibilities at home so they will offer to spread your payments out over time. Something everyone can agree on. They however don’t want your lies, your attitude and your bad vibes. These folks are super upbeat, very positive people running a very legitimate business designed for experienced contractors or people who can communicate and learn. Sobi, Marco/Marco/Marco, CJ, Eddy, Sonya, Maggi, Nicola and others have all been the absolute best.


We are currently just renting and have been for 3 months. We are on the 80% of the gross payout of the load. They send the rate con directly from the broker to us in email for each load. We average about 11000 gross a week as a team on 4000-4500 miles. After everything clears and the dust settles we average 4000-5000 a week. Which after taxes put aside 1500+ per person on this mileage is just astonishing. We work hard but are not overwhelmed with work trying to chase paper.


They have all newer equipment available, if what you want is not immediately available I’m sure you can make arrangements to get upgrades later on. We have a 2023 Volvo VNL 860 with 155000 miles (had 100k when we got it) so far everything we have had issues with have been normal wear and tear and they have paid for it. (Since they are paying they choose what you get). With that said we needed new steer tires because of bad shocks and a bad alignment from the previous driver. They replaced the shocks, did a triple axle alignment, did a full service PM, and allowed me to pick the tires if I paid for one. ( I like nicer steer tires because I take good care of my tires) Overall they paid over 3000$ and I only paid 1000$ (tell me where else they do that on a lease) Not a bad deal if you ask me, most lease programs make you pay for all of it. Whenever I have any issues they ask me to submit proof and after I do with out any hesitation they tell me to go get the work done. They trust me and I respect them. Sometimes they tell me to find a place and other times they have assigned me a place to goto. I give them a 10/10 for they maintenance, they take their equipment very seriously. You will get a new dot inspection quarterly instead of yearly. ( So if you’re someone who never looks at your equipment this is a kind of fail safe for you. This is also a fail safe for them so they can know how you are handling their equipment.) It is their equipment until you pay it off, that’s how it works with everyone.


This is a variable market. You may take a load that pays 3$ or more a mile then have to take a load that only pays 1.50 a mile. That’s just how this works. Never in my 3 months here have I ever had to take back to back bad paying loads. So anymore I tell them just to book me unless it’s really bad. We live in Florida so we take 1$ mile to get out of Florida to a good paying load. It is normally a short run to Chicago followed up by a very nice load after. Professional communication is key 10/10.
I really like this carrier. We don't do business daily but when we do they really do well for us. We love the communication and drivers are always on time. In addition, their equipment is real, it looks great, MC number truck and trailer numbers match and there are no issues with claims etc. We will keep using them.
I am with company around 6 years , gone through a lot with them .
First of all All of this will not be same without Antony he is on top on this Business Industry … I am pleased I know him personally 🙏🙌 Angie 👸 , Elena , Bilja with Safety department 👸best words for them and of course Ivana and Alexandra from ELD .
Dom with his team ( Dispach ) 👌doctor’s 🙌👏
Boyan, Zeka , PJ always on top and to help us and good words for young talent Milo ( Maintaince ) very fast to helping you out … I have so nice words for company and recommend everyone. Come to one big family


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