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AAA Freight, Inc. was founded as a small company in early 2010 with only 4 tractors and trailers. Step by step, truck by truck and year after year, we had worked hard and decisively to become one of the leading transportation companies in the Chicago area

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AAA Freight, Inc.

I am with company around 6 years , gone through a lot with them .
First of all All of this will not be same without Antony he is on top on this Business Industry … I am pleased I know him personally 🙏🙌 Angie 👸 , Elena , Bilja with Safety department 👸best words for them and of course Ivana and Alexandra from ELD .
Dom with his team ( Dispach ) 👌doctor’s 🙌👏
Boyan, Zeka , PJ always on top and to help us and good words for young talent Milo ( Maintaince ) very fast to helping you out … I have so nice words for company and recommend everyone. Come to one big family
Great company. They definitely care about the drivers and workers. Face paced at the shop because they get stuff done. I would recommend drivers to check this place out if you are looking to leave your job and join AAA Freight. Been with them a while and they are excellent
Today I admit my mistakes and start a new relationship with this company. I just spoke with the CEO and he made me understand that I was wrong and I admitted my mistake. His final decision is to give me one last chance to continue working in this company since, according to him, he values ​​everything I have done in it. It is wise to recognize when one is wrong and it is seen that he is a very good person when he understands all my concerns and we reach a mutual commitment, therefore I think that from now on we have begun a new relationship full of respect and why not, of admiration already that ANTHONY, like me, was a driver and understands everything that one goes through on the roads. My new way of thinking is that this company has values ​​that I had not seen until I spoke in a meeting with the owner and we both agreed to work together based on respect and with the same or greater effort than I am used to. I appreciate the understanding of ANTHONY and his entire work team. BOJAN, MAGDALENA NASH, DAKO and especially the best dispatcher without a doubt of this company which is called KLARA.
First of I was referred to the company by one of their drivers while with a different company. When I say responsive as soon as our conversation ended I looked them up. As a driver and LO, you have to do your do diligence in terms of research. That same day had HR call me and just to say they have received my information. From then on I was in contact with Tom my recruiter, stayed in contact since January to this day. They are all about professionalism you want to be treated with respect as a driver or a business owner it goes both ways. Now I will my experience when I got there was a bit rocky truck problems. By in my experience most companies if you don’t get to choose the truck you want, you get what you get.

Responsive: In a week I was in a different truck and on my way making money. They all work like well oiled machine from Recruitment to Management to Dispatch and safety and equipment management. Mr. Boyan is by far the most professional equipment director I’ve come across. If he gives you his word, he makes sure whatever problem you have is taken care of in a timely manner. They understand time is money.

You want to make good money your dispatcher, you have not ten of them one that works with you finding you the best loads. Believe me when I say they will you the best loads nearest you drop and keep you moving. Communication with your dispatch is key. Once you are rolling you roll no contact calling to find out where you are at. But be punctual and communicate delays.

All in all AAA Freight Inc is outdoing themselves and that’s what you want from a company that knows their drivers and contractors are the glue in this business.

Looking forward to doing business with them.
Don't not trust all those fake reviews. This company will charge you everything even if you need cooler fluid, flat tire. Anything to get money from you. I damage one of the
Fairring which cost $800 but they charge me $3500. They don't care about their drivers I promise you. WARNING DON'T WORK WITH THEM.


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