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Southway Carriers Inc.

I am a freight broker and work with Vlad Danilovic every week booking different loads. He always gives great updates and if anything goes wrong I am the first to know. Relying on good carriers like Southway and Vlad makes my day easier. I would recommend to anyone.
I just started with this company and so far its awesome and i love what i am doing and how much i am making , my friend Saad referred me to this company and and every thing he told me was true about it and i think i will stay with them as long as i want drive trucks .
The dispatchers are very good at what the doing they keep tou busy and making money .the safety and permits and accounting are really good . Bottom line they are all good and very understanding on any situation you will face and they try to help
I like this company and glad that i am here on board
Your driver's need to learn how to drive. I followed your truck (trailer 1031-2:30 pm i24 east at mile marker 97). He pulled out in front of me causing me to hit my brakes and causing a chain reaction behind me. He then stayed in the left lane until after exit 105 ( .my exit) creating a line of vehicles behind him. I24 is to congested as it is to have slow moving trucks increasing the traffic problems on this road. What he did was both unsafe and discourteous.
Great company to work for


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