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Sharp One

Sharp One is a very professional company that knows how to take care of its drivers. When you take great care of your drivers you retain them for the long run. Everything is of very high quality here from the dispatchers, to safety, accounting, and owners. Highly reccomend!
I get tired of bad reviews. This company has great pay, great miles, a super quick in and out orientation, and takes care of all drivers in regards to travel expenses to IL! Highly recommend them!
My friend drove for this company and they do NOT care about their drivers, charge drivers for everything twice (deduction and outright when there are problems), promise $2500-$3500/week and you get $1200 and have the nerve to expect you to be grateful. Their favorite line is "I don't know what to tell ya"
This is the worst company I have ever worked for. Firstly I was offered a flight ✈️ and uber to their location to start my lease program. My first check I noticed that the plane ticket and uber were deducted from my check. After my first check and all the deductions from the lease program I decided I no longer wanted to be in the lease program and decided to be a company driver. Three weeks later my only uncle had a heart attack and was hospitalized. So I went home on a medical emergency. While I was away they refused to release the pay from all the miles and deliveries I made for them. Of all my over 20 years of professional driving I have never encountered a company this horrible. I write this to warn to Inform to ensure that no driver makes the same decision I did or endure the same horrible experiences
I started to work with this company 2 months ago and I can tell it's the best company I been working with, great equitment, professional dispatchers, it let's me to do a lot of miles a week, owners are very good people, I'm happy on my chose to work here👍


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