Rolling Raspberry Inc

HRHV experienced, A+ insured

FTL, Overweight, Expedited, Teams

Keep in mind that cheap labor is not good, and good labor is not cheap

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Been driving for them as a owner operator for over 2yrs! Never had any issue, new equipment and good dispatchers thats what we need!
The best company i have ever dealt in my trucking career, amazing dispatcher…owner is a really good guy, he provided me with everything i needed…brand new equipment!
Great company to drive and do business with just finish paying my truck nick a very nice and understanding guy
I need THE CEO to contact me asap!!!!! If not I'll be contacting the Labor Law!!!! The runaround is unprofessional!
I have been with Rolling for 5 years. I started out by meeting an O/O(7625) years ago. I am a company driver, now. I was treated better than a major Corp. I. I decided too move from Tennessee to Chicago to work in an office environment.(Fleet management) Now, my work is personal life. My drivers are my friends. I couldn't be happier. I understand the struggle. Markets kill us, I get it. But, when it's good. Gear up. ..

We may have disagreements, we may fight. But, my drivers are my people. We take care of ours at RR

Look up "Rolling Raspberry" on YouTube. You'll find us


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