Paragon Freight Inc

We plan, implement, and control the movement and storage of goods, services, or information within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption. Paragon Freight is a Chicagoland-based logistics company that has delivered thousands of goods across the country. Our goal is to do our best in moving products safely and cost-effectively. We’ve been incorporated since 2015 and have had a transparent relationship with our staff, drivers, and customers.

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Paragon Freight Inc

Working at Paragon has really helped
me achieve my career goals. My team that supports me has also helped make my job easier, especially the Planning & Dispatching teams. I plan to be here with Paragon Freight for the long haul.
Good company excellent staff they keep you going! Puro Paragon!
I’ve been working for Paragon Freight for almost 3 years. This has been the best company that I’ve been given the opportunity to drive for. Excellent staff. Excellent pay. Excellent equipment. I would highly recommend as a company to work for.
Excelent company. All the trucks in excellent condition and a great work team. You feel like a family👍
Definitely the best dispatching team !
Dino, Danny and Luka, Lazar .. wow !
All recommendations for the company, these people are crazy, they do their job very well 👌


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