Paragon Freight Inc

We plan, implement, and control the movement and storage of goods, services, or information within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption. Paragon Freight is a Chicagoland-based logistics company that has delivered thousands of goods across the country. Our goal is to do our best in moving products safely and cost-effectively. We’ve been incorporated since 2015 and have had a transparent relationship with our staff, drivers, and customers.

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Paragon Freight Inc

I figured while I am on my 10 hour break I would comment about paragon. This is the best company I've ever worked for in my career period. They are truly a class act from a to z . I greatly appreciate all who work here provide me an opportunity to make a paycheck each week. I look forward to growing with this company. Thank you team paragon freight inc !!
Terrible Drivers who drive reckless then decides to approach other drivers filming them, accusing them of the traffic violation that they themselves are guilty of. Will be filing a police report.
For 4 years now I have worked with this team. It has not always been perfect, but when they have had issues they have addressed them. That alone has been impressive, but the money I have made here has exceeded anything I could have imagined. I advise anyone looking for a home to give these guys a shot.
I've changed a few companies before coming to Paragon. Two years here and counting. Great loads with hundreds of paid miles, great equipment, and great people. What’s not to like!
After 5 years with this company, I still can’t recommend them enough. If your looking for a great driving job, or a place to put your truck, look no further


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