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We are a full-service trucking company and we can handle as much or as little of the logistics process as you need us to. You can take a look at the services we offer below.
At PAM International Inc., we believe that our customers choose us for our honesty and dedication. We have become one of the fastest-growing trucking companies in Florida by offering quality service and building a loyal customer base who trust us to handle all their logistics needs. Our drivers choose us for the same reason. They know that we will always put their safety first.
We also offer great pay,to our company drivers, team drivers, owner-operators and we are always looking to expand our team of drivers. We provide opportunities for continued growth and personal development for our employees, a professional environment that encourages mutual respect, team building, and stimulating work led by industry leaders.

Your profession is in your hands. , If you think we are the right company for you and that you would like to join, you can get in touch with us right away. We’re always looking for customer-focused individuals with strong business acumen who are just as eager to advance their careers as we are eager to have new additions to our company.

Our offices are in Chicago and Miami. The Miami office is located conveniently near the largest south Florida truck stop, I-595, and major Florida highways. This makes the dispatch very easy and efficient.


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PAM International Inc.

This is a great companies I contracted work for and I have been around the block a few times. Communication is a key factor, lack of communication leads to misunderstanding and a whole lot of other things. Out 3 weeks home 5 days. Not saying nobody is perfect, if you don't want problems with your pay and miles you've came to the right place. Just have your llc for your 1099 purposes and rock n roll.
Great company, if you're not lazy and do what they ask, you will make money. New trucks
It's a good company to work for, no other company guarantees mileage in the market we are in. I've seen some good and bad reviews; and most have different experiences. My point, the company is not a bad one, and it's not better than any other company; cause all companies has their good and bad. This company, in the market we are experiencing, at least keeps you moving and guarantees miles whether you do them or don't; of course nothing is free for sure, and to achieve the pay they are offering you must do your part. There are guidelines to achieve those miles and is not hard to follow their guidelines. Nonetheless, the communication could improve, I hear drivers talking that the company is not bad, but the communication with supervisors it's the worst, it is kind of hard to reach out to them, and they could do better in that aspect. We are out there making things possible for the economy, and yet disregarded in too many ways. Yes, I am talking in general, not about this company alone. I would say this, "The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence." I have yet to find the best company in this industry, but this one in particularly by far has been one that can surpass the other bad apples. When I see bad reviews, I can only thing of what has been said in them, and remember is not solely one side of the story, most stories always two sides. Like I said earlier, there is never the best goes the same for drivers, there is never the best driver. I would have given 5 stars, and I don't want to sound like I am repeating myself over and over, but I have yet to find the best of the best as a trucking company.
This is my job now they are the best , i been in the truck business for over 20 years and to be honest i had my disappointments but i find this company very good in all aspects. Payment, work ,safety, equipment, all 100% .home time is maybe the weakest link but if you want to work and make money this is you best choice.
Top notch company to work for. Unbelievable support staff. Company goes above and beyond to make sure you can do your job. You won't go wrong with PAM..


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