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Kavkaz Express LLC

I was working in this company 10 years and I start working in this company in 2014 and finish after 10 years working and to be honest with you I never ever want to change or go any other company to work because the way this guys work no one working like them. They are family they always on your side they always trying to do the best For customer and drivers especially I want to say thank you to this company because you are guys help me so much so many times fixing my truck so many times giving me cash advance so many times you are guys was involved in personal and business matter and always you guys with greatest. I cannot complain, even 1% owner of the company his most, intelligent and kind man who are used to be a driver for many years and giving drivers best chance to stay with people who never ever will trick or take money from any driver. I love you guys and I wish you became number one company in United States.
I was working with this company for a year in 2021 and started again in 2023. Back in 2021 Kavkaz had its own drivers, both employees and owners were treated fairly and compensated relatively well.

When I was back in 2023 I quickly realised that many old decent employees from various company departments had gone and generally the company had been shrinking for a while. Furthermore, I quickly learned that Kavkaz dispath department staff skills and manners had dropped significantly comparing to 2021. I had to change my Chicago dispatcher in the middle of the year after 6 months of underperformance. I regret that I waited for 6 month. My new dispatcher was better but I still had to leave the company in after 10 months because cases when I was sitting for 2-3 days without any load kept happening quite often while other company, that I knew for sure, were able to pick up their loads easily from the same area for competitive price.

In general, I still think this is a not a bad company but it definitely has seen better times.
I’ve been working with Kavkaz Express LLC as an O/O for more than 3 years now. Never had any issues with any of their departments. They will protect your interests first at any cost on their side. Their employees are highly qualified and professional, excellent in troubleshooting, extremely respectful even in stressful situations. As a driver of my own vehicle I don’t need additional drama and they have given me none so far.
Plus some kudos to my dispatcher Firdavs/Paul. He made me a lot of money. Been with me through all ups and downs in the Market.
Thank you guys for your business!!!
If you're looking for TOP grosses and professional team with established reputation - Kavkaz is the place to go!!

Every single major broker on the market knows Kavkaz for their premium service and high rates.
Terrible drivers that put other motorists at risk on the road. Do not use this company.


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