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We are NV Freight Inc. Here, we provide creative transportation and delivery services throughout the country. We deliver quality services with care for different freight services and a completely integrated dispatch system as well as advanced delivery services. Ours is one of the fastest-growing trucking companies based in Chicago.

Here, in NV Freight Inc. we are a small family. We believe that the way to success is filled with difficult tasks, trustworthiness, and devotion. Over the previous years, we have built up a solid standing among our clients through our obligation to accomplish greatness and offer creative arrangements. We are a Chicago-based company situated in the Countryside of IL.


Flatbed drivers are always welcome to our company. This is a hard job. However, we are always going to make it easier for you. Dispatchers under our company are very experienced. They have five or more years of experience and they can solve any situation.

NV FREIGHT INC is looking for DRY VAN company drivers and owner-operators. You inform us of the deal you want, we will make it happen. You can choose from different options. For company drivers – You can choose among the “Get paid per mile, Percentage of Salary” options.

Apart from the flatbed and dry vans, we also have a reefer division. Our reefer division has one of the best dispatchers in the country. We work only with the best brokers and also we have a lot of direct contacts with shippers. They will always help us to find you flexible times for pickup and delivery with guaranteed detention.



$11,000 Is An Average Weekly Gross For Owner Operators at NV Freight Inc! 2 years on CDL with a decent driving record.
Our superb dispatcher system is getting the best rates from a log board. We provide the highest weekly income and return on your truck investment!
Stay out as much as you want, choose your home time and the zones you want to run in.
We Offer:
– Dry Van or Flatbed
– 88% of gross
– 24/7 dispatch (English/Spanish)
– Fuel Cards, EFS Checks, IFTA filing, Registration
– Cash advance for repairs and maintenance
– Affordable Cargo and Liability Insurance
– New trailer rent program with no hidden fees

312 414 0250 ext 202



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True professionals in the logistics world. I often work with Kevin, I've work with David and John both before as well. All 3 have been great to work with. Thank you for all the help!
Rashaun Gray and his partner saved a Lowes' sale on Friday, April 28th,by correcting a snafu and helping me and my husband out of a tight spot. They both were kind and smart and hard working. They deserve raises.
Good Carrier company. professional dispatcher, on time pick up & delivery without any issue.
Urgent to read.
Reposted because of your removal of my post. My record says resolved but I still have this false information on my driving record
Zero stars. I am a 7- going on 8 years CDL A holder with my own semi. I drove my semi from NY to Chicago as a O/O looking to run under their authority. They Do not handle business professionally & has a lot of fees within the contract that could jam you up even if you made a simple mistake. (Robbery is what I seen within this company .Anna will say anything to get you to join & shut the door on your face & lock it. Stay away from. Save your CDL. They are actually called NV freight when you get there Not MIT freight which was advertised. Please feel free to ask questions & I will happily go into further dept about Them & their contract. Every one should know the type of situation that they are going to get into with full disclosure.
Not partial & then find out more once you arrived wasting your time & money on traveling there especially with these high gas prices. Your CDL is your life line If you take driving serious. Don’t risk your CDL nor put your self in a bad position.
NV freight
MC 52611-C
US DOT 3056337
This information is very well correct.
It’s good to hear back from some one now smh.
Have a great day!

Let me start here to your post.
There was Never A Positive reading at all.
I started working with someone else that following week with a Negative result On a drug test followed with a few test that I will now have to take every other month because it states that NV Freight put a positive for drugs but also stated because I left the testing which none of that was true. you guys, NV Freight are the one to put that into the system to go on my record when I ask you to change the location to the pre-employment drug testing site because Ms Karen is her name or what ever up the road from you guys at the drug testing site was acting very weird towards me because of a conversation I’ve had in the lobby about you guys(NV freight )to other O/O & company drivers because I was not pleased with your contract & was interested to work else where, but that conversation took a turn into a race conversation about the racist companies in your state, ( I did not expect nor think the conversation would go such a route although nothing crazy was said. Just a very uneasy conversation for me, knowing I drove all those hours just to be uncomfortable. I assume Ms Karen did tell you that or who knows, maybe she didn’t. Yet I was still willing to provide a second sample because Ms Karen claimed my first temp of urnine was not warm enough but said she tossed out the cup which was proof & said she did not know where it was.
This whole story was ridiculous, upsetting plus so much more on my end that I had to go thru that.
The testing site put the blame on you guys but Anna put the blame on the testing site.
I have no interest in taking this down Nor did I have the interest to work with you guys after I provide a Negative Result for the Clearinghouse as well for my new employer. NV freight is the name on my record when I pulled it up. I tried to figure things out with you guys before it came to me putting a review on you which I would not do unless the operation you run deserved it.
Btw I spoke with MIT freight inc & they claim to not work with any one by any other name & I also have that as proof as well. Everything is documented.
Partial list of all expense etc. was not the full list of everything in your contract.
I highly suggest any one that read this to look into them & read over their contract before going or provide me with you email. My mistake was me reading bad reviews & still considered to give them a try. The trucking industry is tough alone & getting worst as it seem. Although it seem as we just drive all day We all go thru too much to get treated any way. We have a life just like you.We are all one no matter how you got we’re you are today. A better person will always start with you..
Nv freight is a honest company they pay drivers pay bills extremely friendly very loving and kind people if I didn't get sick as long as I did I would have went back they where a great company what ever that con artist scam post is written this company doesn't like are steal at all people are just negative now days believe their drivers and we will tell u immediately if they are scammers they are honest company


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