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Safety is our principal consideration in how we conduct business and interact with our owner-operators and customers. We’ve built our customers’ confidence and trust by our unwavering commitment to high-quality service and safety.  We are experienced logistics professionals paving the road to a mutual success. From single loads to complex projects, we can complete it. Our customer satisfaction is based on flexible customer-specific service and excellent delivery accuracy. Reliable capacity, safe operations, up-to-date approaches, and professionalism are the key bases of what we represent. Our company’s policy includes working closely with the customer to make sure we are fully meeting your transportation needs. We offer frequent, transparent and open communication in order to provide the best class transportation solutions

Mid Group Inc.

Stay away from this company! They still owe me money since April of 2022. Their dispatchers don’t help you at all. Worst company I ever worked for. UPDATE I have been in contact with their accounting department and we had come up with a verbal agreement to pay me some of the money and it’s been about a week and a half and they have yet to send me my money. Today Thursday I called their accounting department and they don’t answer my calls anymore. Another update they refuse to answer my calls or emails. Blake is the accountant I’ve been in contact with and he no longer answers my calls. This company is nothing but lies.

In regards to their reply after months of going back and forth with this company, yes 2 tires were bad on trailer which I paid for. After all of this Mid Group still owes me a balance which they refuse to pay.
Gross $8,750 net $3,880 after the first week. However, the second week I grossed 6,250 and the deduction came out and it showed I owed -$668. Every week after that I net $1,100 a week. Good luck to you guys that can work with company driver pay. Also l, the company say they just charge 11%, 1% is for the trailer, but they charge $400 a week for the trailer and $230 for insurance and $150 for escrow. If you do not give me a 2 weeks notice, mid group will charge you double trailer payment double for eld usage, and double for the insurance. Not a good company to work for. Please don't make the same mistake I did.
I have been with this company for almost one year. At first I was a little nervous because I had never been an owner operator before, and so I had many reservations. I am so glad that I took this leap and followed my heart. Mid Group has been very good to me and they are also like family. No matter what time of day or night they are available to help me with any receiving or shipping issues, and HOS issues. Everyone is very kind, supportive, encouraging, and understanding when you are having a bad week. I will be staying with this company and running under their authority for as long as I’m on the road. I used to be a company driver and now I will never go back! The percentage that they charge you to run under their authority is very reasonable. They give you back office support , safety support, NO FORCE dispatch and accounting. They handle all of your permits, And all the various things that come with trucking and that I don’t have the time to deal with. I am a driver that wants to run and make money and that’s what I do with this company. If you’re a good driver and want a stellar experience, then this is the company that you can count on. Home time is when you want it to be… I go home every other week for 3-4 days. ❤️
Mid Group has been an amazing company to work with. While primarily working with Paul,
I have had interactions with everyone there and they are all very professional.
Paul is prompt in his communications and never leaves me to ask for more information.
Rest assured, this is a First Class company that employs nothing but First Class people.
Mid Group is a great place to work..i love the freedom and no boss watching every thing you do.. the only thing was me and my team mate could not agree on who was going to night drive because niether of us liked driving over night.. it's fun and you get to see the world and get paid for it!