Meteor Logistics LLC

We are a fully integrated trucking business providing freight capacity for our drivers and customers.

We are a family-owned trucking company operating out of Morton Grove, IL. Like all family-owned companies, we have had a humble start. But we have managed to grow our company and we are now one of the fastest-growing Illinois-based trucking companies out there.


Meteor Logistics

They will have you run Loads for them but when it’s time to pay you, they will pay you late in the escrow they say you get at the end of your period there they don’t give you nothing they keep your escrow and just won’t answer their phone. That is a terrible place to work believe me I don’t even know why I’m giving them even a star.
Well I have to be honest, they are better than any other company I worked for , they pay you on time they don't cheat on the miles, but the only negative thing is when I decided to quit after driving for them a year they refused to give me back my escrow $2000 even though I returned the truck in the same condition they gave me .
The most reliable truck company that i’ve been working with! People so kind and generous, always willing to help and understand. They have all my recommendations ♥️