Mercator Global Logistics LLC

Mercator Global Logistics LLC is a Chicago based transportation company, grown on the merits of safety & strategic transportation services. We go the extra mile to ensure exceeding customer satisfaction and keep the roads safe that we all travel on by hiring experienced & trained drivers to lead the way. We understand the urgency of timely services but also believe in the importance of safety and compliance. Our employees are trained to accommodate both and exceed beyond the expectations of our customers and partners.

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Nothing better than a team spirited work environment. The staff here lets you know that they're on your side. They are trusting and compromisable. I don't work here anymore, but this is a good company.
I encountered the driver of their tractor 423 today. He was openly using a hand held device, weaving all over the road and seemed to have trouble maintaining speed. I find it highly egregious for the operator of an 80,000 lbs piece of machinery to be so very distracted on an interstate!
Edit: I'm neither fake nor is this a scam. I'm not surprised at the company's reply since their response to my complaint to their safety department was lackadaisical at best!
I work here for 2 years and I’ll tell you the pros and cons of the company.
Dispatch!!!!:::They have good Dispatcher at least i had a good one because my friend was having problems because he wasn’t getting enough miles. People dispatcher and drivers work together. If dispatch and company work together forget it that’s is no a good company.

Calling the company!!!!:::When you call 98% of the time there’s someone to answer.

Pay!!!:::well I think the pay ok!! I mean the pay between 0.65 to 0.70 and other companies are paying between 0.75 to 0.80 don’t get me wrong i was making good money but i had to run like crazy to earn it.

Owner!!!:: if think you can call the owner to complain about anyone in the company? Forget it I worked for 2 years I never had the chance to meet him. I think you’ll be just another number in the company but people in the company will treat you with respect 😗

Now cons!!!:::
The only problem that i had is poor maintenance 😩 on company truck. If need to fix something you’ll need their approval to do it and they don’t want to spend A lot of money to fix it most of the time they make you go to Chicago to get a fix and when you tell them all the things that you want to fix there is always something that wasn’t fixed and went you tell them why wasn’t fix they say!!!!!leave something for later!!!!!next time!!!! is like the DOT will tell you no no no we’ll check that later

Yeah you guessed it they will charge you escrow. $2000 to be exact but because I give them two week notice my $2000 was returned without any issue.

I had a good time working with my 2 dispatcher and right now all i can say is thanks guys for all you did for me. Keep doing the good work
Good company to work with, I like all the good people at Mercator. Recommended!
The best company ever! Staff is super nice, Tina is the best! Highly Recommend!


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