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Maybach International Group is a Chicagoland based logistics company that has delivered thousands of goods across the country to local communities just like yours. Our goal is to do our best in strategic problem solving to get products moved safely and cost-effectively. Since we established our company, we have had an open and transparent relationship with our staff and drivers.
We want to be fair when it comes to booking loads and getting the best possible rates for our hardworking drivers. We provide each employee with training to maximize their skills before they start.
At Maybach, we form relationships with brokers and customers to deliver on time, cost-effective services with a smile. We also understand that being compliant and following the rules and regulations of the road can bring us a long way.

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Maybach International Group

I'm a Professional Truck Driver with a clean record and I joined this company for a change.

I'm renting a truck and trailer and running loads for them under my LLC company. The process of starting to work for them is seamless and they have a very friendly team and their dedications are very reasonable. They have great trucks trailers too.

Looking forward to a mutually great and wonderful long term business relationship with the company management and entire team 😊!
Very good company, good treatment for the drivers. excellent business and new trucks. Thanks Fleet Manager BOBAN ILIC was special to me, family treatment Thank you MAYBACH INTERNATIONAL GROUP
Was recommended to come to this company by friend I just started. I haven’t began yet but based on the orientation, I can say they have really good communication thus far. They are organized and answer questions clearly so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you get started. So thus far it’s seems like a good company. I’m looking forward to writing another review in a few months to ensure that what was told is suppose to happen will happen
Pretty good company to work for so far been here 2 months. I rent the truck as long as you are willing to put some hard work you can make $2000‐$3500 week take home (1099). All these people that complain they don't make money is because they are LAZY. I've seen those drivers and talked to them. Work hard get paid big boy money. If you are not willing to put the time don't come here or else you will be posting that this company is a scam. Hard workers I encourage you to come here.
The company operates everything very professionally and everyone is very friendly. Martina completed all our paper works very quickly and was very friendly. Thank you! :)


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