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Maybach International Group is a Chicagoland based logistics company that has delivered thousands of goods across the country to local communities just like yours. Our goal is to do our best in strategic problem solving to get products moved safely and cost-effectively. Since we established our company, we have had an open and transparent relationship with our staff and drivers.
We want to be fair when it comes to booking loads and getting the best possible rates for our hardworking drivers. We provide each employee with training to maximize their skills before they start.
At Maybach, we form relationships with brokers and customers to deliver on time, cost-effective services with a smile. We also understand that being compliant and following the rules and regulations of the road can bring us a long way.

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Maybach International Group

One of the best companies I ever had the pleasure to drive for. Through a series of unfortunate events (on my part) I no longer drive for them but I highly recommend them. They pay very, very well, they maintain their equipment, great contracts, high value loads, contracts with great shippers, no crazy trips, and when you need to get home, no games, they get you home.
There is one person there who seems to have some sort of personality disorder but you never have to see or talk to that person. Everyone else there is wonderful and take good care of you. Best dispatcher I've ever had, great manager, great company. I was proud to drive for them.
My company did their fleet branding, and we couldn't be happier with how it went. Everyone at the office was super nice, the shop guys were more then helpful. They made sure we have enough room to work on the install, kept the shop neat and even offered to clean after us. Thanks guys!
This company is the best for working, I just have like friends and good shop on it , fleet manager ( Dimetri ) is so friendly and good actitud always , thanks MAYBACH
I honestly don't have anything good to say about this company. On November 1st one of their drivers almost killed me by doing a u turn in the left turning lane next to me while I was stopped at a red light. The end of the semi trailer damaged the front of my car barely missing me then ran. I was able to get the driver's trailer license plate number before they completely got away which is how I was able to contact the company and report the incident but they basically tried to just ignore me. I sent them all the information including the police report and waited days for any response. I even called several times insisting on a call back but when I did get a call back the person that spoke on the company's behalf was extremely rude. After a month of working with them trying to get their insurance information to fix my vehicle they basically told me they were not going to give me their insurance since I could not provide proof their trailer got my car which I would have if it was easier to obtain traffic light footage. Overall I dont feel safe driving on the road near this company's drivers anymore and I hope I never have to deal with them ever again.
Let me start by saying they don't hire professional driver's!! Today coming across hwy 166 east just outside of Joplin, mo. Came up to the back of one of their trucks. He would speed up then slow to 50mph the speed limit was 65. So i waited to pass him then the clown drive wanted to race . He went as far as 75 hr !!!@ are you freaking kidding me!!@@ I called thier safety person. Was told that if i didn't get the truck # tough !! Next time one of your drivers that put everyone's safety at risk. You will be notifying his next of kin !!!!!!!!!!!!


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