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Magnum Freight, Inc. has been serving your community and country for years. From transporting pharmaceuticals to communities in need,to transporting auto parts, to bringing your mail, we have done it all. With over 10 million miles in the last year, we are dominating the roads and ensuring the best service to our customers.

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Magnum Freight, Inc.

I came to Magnum Freight in December of 2019 and it has been the best company by far since I began driving in May of 1993! Being a 1099 contract driver with no forced dispatch is the best ever compared to those garbage short regional runs you are forced to run as a company driver. I don't miss that at all! If you are a runner, then you will get big miles and big paychecks. Magnum does not micromanage you like big companies and they fit loads to where you enjoy running. They also treat you with respect and as a person instead of just a driver with a identification number. You have the freedom of choosing your time out and your time at home. Be safe, be professional, pickup and deliver on time and you will be treated very well in return!
Been working here going on 3 months + . Very good company. My dispatcher keeps me in the loop on my potential loads. They have no problems when it comes time for repairs on equipment. I have a 2023 international. Loads are great. No problem getting loads home. Communication is top notch. Would highly recommend this company to potential drivers
If you want to get paid every week come to Magnum Freight, they’re G•R•R•Reat! No old trucks, I just got another new truck after 1year. Pay check direct deposit every week no games over here. I’ve been to a few companies that played with my money. So owners operators beware of companies not paying you. Magnum Freight pays on time,every time! This is my second year no problems. We put in 375,000 miles last year on a new truck! One thing about Magnum Freight is they keep us rolling to the money.
I must say i give this company the most highest respect!!! They’re Respectful very organized. Great pay an all the miles you can handle I have been to a few companies a they can’t compare to magnum freight !!! They aren’t like other companies in Illinois. They run by the right way !! An the pay is GREAT !!!!
Call in frist thing ask is your social security number and driver license number.. ask if you have great credit. .then get website from. Another country. U go on to file out a loan grant . Pay is threw app. Claims have drivers but after talking too them they have none. All big SCAM... BE CAREFUL...


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