Juzni Vetar Logistics Inc

We are small but very ambitious company.
we grow fast and quiet.
We want to be one of the leading companies in trucking industry!
That is impossible without you!
If you have experience we are hiring only the best of you!
If you have no experience with us you will become the best!
Drive for Juzni Vetar Logistics and be the best!

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Juzni Vetar Logistics Inc

Don't mind the bad reviews, this company is great and all the drivers are great hard working team members. The Albanians are mad because they dont have their own history so they have to steal ours, and our flag, and our land, and our history hahahaha 😁😁💪🇷🇸🇷🇸☦️
I’ll be starting soon and I’m Super Stoked!! I’ve heard Great things and everyone I have spoken to has been so kind! It can only go Up from here!! Can’t wait for them to relieve of the Worst Company that I am with now!! I will keep y’all posted on how it turns out🙏🏼🥰
I worked for this company already for 7 months and everything is great. Safety is number 1, new equipment and owner is a great guy. They take care of drivers with 24 hour support. I highly recommend this company to drive for.
One of the best companies so far! They are 24/7 available for any kind of help! You better hurry up, sign up and get what a real driver deserves! Don't pay attention for the low rated reviews, those are Albanian people who don't even work there.
Great place to start working and will keep you running and dispatch and everybody is there to help you succeed.


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