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Imperial Eagle Express Inc.

Don’t pay employees asked for statements they would not give me anything after driving for a month straight I also missed my daughters birthday stuck at a Loves Truck stop in PA for 3 days straight and told I couldn’t relocate because of insurance issues , on top of that they have poor communication skills you will have to call them and find out if you’re gonna be stuck in a state for 3 days with no pay random money taken Out of your check with excuses to why you can get a full check never mad the money I was told in the interview my last check was only 120 dollars driving over 2000 miles I also was told to sleep in a mechanic shop in the middle of nowhere in Texas because they did not want to pay for a hotel STAY AWAYYY THEY ARE EVILL!!!!
One of the best trucking companies in Chicago! They have an amazing office personnel - super helpful, great 24/7 support , experienced dispatchers and brand new equipment!!!
Absolutely worst place you can work for bunch of deductions , rude staff stay away from this people and this company unless you wanna regret it later , they are dishonest and unprofessional if I could do 0 stars ⭐️ I would give them HUGE 0 ⭐️😡
Driving super slow in the fast lane on a 4 lane highway, which is not only annoying but also dangerous. The driver is either oblivious to his surroundings or just an ahole, either way not someone I’d want to have driving my things.
One of the best companies I have ever worked for. Always about their business always on time and very charismatic towards their customers and employees.


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