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Imperial Eagle Express Inc.

Mrs. Savicic from the accounting/safety department was very unprofessional and she has waisted my time. I’ve waited 4 weeks to get hired as a van driver. Each time when i tried to reach out, she would’ve place me intentionally on hold for 20-30 minutes at the time and never picked up. She did that two times in the row. I had to call 5 times in the row afterwards in order to get a hold of her. She was declining my phone calls, she would hang up on me, waisting my time stating that the van is not available without providing clear instructions on when it will become available. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I’m glad that they showed up their true colors before me getting hired.
Driving super slow in the fast lane on a 4 lane highway, which is not only annoying but also dangerous. The driver is either oblivious to his surroundings or just an ahole, either way not someone I’d want to have driving my things.
Very bad company, they miss my chack. I driving Van 15 days, and don't pay me anything and just let me go !!! I want no one to make the same mistake.
one of the best companies in usa very professional and correct I warmly recommend cooperation with this company especially with Mrs. Savicic.
One of the best companies I have ever worked for. Always about their business always on time and very charismatic towards their customers and employees.


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