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HMD had a desire to positively alter the transportation landscape. Backed by an asset-based partner and armed with the latest technology, HMD Transport has positioned itself to emerge as a logistics leader. Since our inception, we’ve adhered to our core values of reliability, transparency, and integrity. In doing so, we’ve fostered a company culture devoted to delivering unrivaled customer service.

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HMD Trucking, Inc.

The foreign “Security Guard” who sits in the booth, needs a customer service class on how to treat people who visit. Rude, unprofessional and blatant disrespectful is not what this company should have representing them as a first impression. Downright humiliating experience two times in a row.
Very good company. If I want to go home, I get to go home. If I get sick and can't drive, I'm not pressured. Pay is always right, bonuses aren't impossible. New Peterbilts with fridges. 2k to 3k miles every week. And they allow pets! (FYI I was grandfathered in, they have limits now) I'll let you know this is a real review by giving you the bad. The yard sucks. 1 usable shower, 1 toilet, you pay for laundry and the yard itself is tiny. Stay on the road. I've been here for over a year and have no plans to leave. *edit I forgot to mention the shop is a nightmare to deal with. So there's that.
Unit #1214 clearly has no care for fellow drivers or anything. Not sure if it’s lack of training or the mentality. Called in and gave em the trailer number and that wasn’t enough to identify the truck it was hooked up to. If you ask me very poorly structured office management and training program for drivers if this is what comes afterwards. After reading reviews here it truly makes sense. Same can be said for other companies out there no matter the size.
Great place to work honestly. I've been here almost a year and everything is awesome. Good equipment steady miles some weeks are better than others but that's trucking. What I was told while being recruited is actually what happens here and I gotta tell you I've been out here 15 years and worked for quite a few companies and it's very strange for a company to actually carry through on what they promise but this company does.
Former Driver here. Beware of this company. If you have ANY other options for driving jobs I highly recommend you take them over this place. Their bonus is contingent on miles (11,500/month minimum) and a score on the netradyne system. Not your actual safely driven miles. In the 5 months I was here I got the bonus once. I was oushed to drive unsafe equipment (when I had my truck assigned the brakes were almost gone all around and was made to drive it from NC back to IL). And after I left yesterday they had 2 incidents I was told that werent my fault and to not worry about them, be marked as "at fault" and the company I had signed with refused to bring me on because of it. This place is a trap. If you come here they will ensure you will bot get another driving job.


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