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HMD had a desire to positively alter the transportation landscape. Backed by an asset-based partner and armed with the latest technology, HMD Transport has positioned itself to emerge as a logistics leader. Since our inception, we’ve adhered to our core values of reliability, transparency, and integrity. In doing so, we’ve fostered a company culture devoted to delivering unrivaled customer service.

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HMD Trucking, Inc.

Going on 3 months (dry van team) Pay as promised consistently, great dispatch, equipment great. Home as needed so far. Only minor wish bump truck speed up 1-2 mph for passing. But one of the first companies I’ve worked for where I have no complaints
Overall, HMD is a great company to work for! In the transportation industry, there are a lot of factors outside of a drivers as well as a companies control. 95% of the issues I've had on the road, at shippers and/or receivers, or just in general are all part of the job and not a reflection of the company. In my opinion HMD does a great job of maintaining their trucks. Since I've started HMD has always kept me moving and in 9 months I have not had to wait on my dispatcher to find my next load longer than maybe an hour, and I believe that only happened one time. All other times I have been dispatched my next load while I was still completing the one I was on. HMD has done a great job of accommodating my schedule when I requested time off, or requested to be in a certain city for an event that I wanted or needed to go to. When I have had mechanical issues with my vehicle HMD did a great job communicating with me a plan to get it taken care of and get me back on the road in a timely manner. Even when issues have came up after hours, HMD always had someone available to answer the phone and address the issue. When I first started, I found it impressive that before they re-issue a truck from one driver to another, they have it professionally detailed and ready for use. Overall, my experience with HMD has been great and I would highly recommend this company!
The dispatch team at HMD Trucking does what they need 2 do. They're there when u need assistance, keeping things functional. It's not like they throw a parade 4 u, but the support is solid. Always there 4 u – that's the vibe! Efficient and reliable – big props!
The routes at HMD Trucking offer a good mix, keeping the drives interesting. There's enough variety 2 make each trip unique, although I won't call it the most thrilling experience. It's a balance that works 4 me. It's like an awesome sauce of excitement!
I thought this was going to be a great company but I never even got to start.. they ran all my info told me I was good to go after the drug test. i take the drug test they tell me the M.O.R wants me to take it again I said ok but I’m at work now, I already came in late to take the test for you guys, I don’t have any other week days off for at least two weeks but hey, I could quit this job if you guys are serious I wanted to leave anyways. the recruiter insures me that I’m fine and to take the test so i do that. After I take the test again and quit my job, a few days pass and i hear nothing from them. so i call and she tells me oh yea the fleet manager said we have no trucks for 2/3 weeks so no hires right now. i said ok can I come on in 2/3 weeks sense im jobless now? I get no answer i call a few days later and another lady tells me they have me on a recall???? They really screwed me


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