Grasshopper Trans

We are a family owned company with over 15 years combined in the trucking industry. Our company is well positioned to serve our Customers in the United States. We are located in 2605 S Indiana ave Unit 409, Chicago, IL, adjacent to O`Hare International Airport and the city of Chicago.

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Grasshopper Trans

As a previous carrier sales rep and current ops member at NTG, I have worked with Grasshopper for the better part of a year now. Grasshopper provides a good service, and they have communicative dispatchers -- Aurora is particularly competent and positive to work with.
Truck# 6254, Liberty MO, Zero stars, completely unprofessional blocking 4 loading docks that other drivers are trying to back into to get loaded
8/9 at 2000 hours on i65 one of their trucks (GH0316) ran me off the road. No turn signal just switched lanes when my vehical was only midway down his trailer. He's gonna hurt or kill someone.
Pleasure doing business with this company. Always punctual. Great drivers and dispatchers. Highly recommended.
I started working with Aurora a few months ago and she has been extremely professional and responsive. She has helped me out with some loads that were tough to move, worked through breakdowns, delays, etc. She introduced me to some of her team members and I have been working closely with them for a month now. They do great work, provide timely updates, and offer fair rates. Want to say thank you to Aurora and the rest of the team!


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