Grasshopper Trans

We are a family owned company with over 15 years combined in the trucking industry. Our company is well positioned to serve our Customers in the United States. We are located in 2605 S Indiana ave Unit 409, Chicago, IL, adjacent to O`Hare International Airport and the city of Chicago.

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Grasshopper Trans

Ive worked with Grasshopper for about 8 months now and they are a great company! I have worked closely with one of the dispatchers, Aurora, for the past few months and I love working with her. She is easy to work with and always handles any issues we have professionally! I would recommend working with her 10/10 times!
As a previous carrier sales rep and current ops member at NTG, I have worked with Grasshopper for the better part of a year now. Grasshopper provides a good service, and they have communicative dispatchers -- Aurora is particularly competent and positive to work with.
My co-worker Scott and I work with Grasshopper pretty frequently. They are great to work with - kind, considerate, and communicative. Nothing more we could ask for!
100% satisfaction from Both Nick Mirkovic & Maggie Gaona. Both team members take very good care of our freight and are extremely responsive. We appreciate the service at Grasshopper Trans!
Hey, move your truck #1717 from residential area on 72nd avenue in Glendale, Arizona. There is a business area less then a half mile, next to the playground. You will see a lot of trucks parked there. You can not park here in front of my house. I will call towing and police. There is a sign posted saying "No overnight parking".


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