Flex Logistics

Flex Transport Inc., based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is a trucking company that is always
ready to provide you with the finest! It’s not just a job for our drivers; it’s a way of life.
Our drivers are well-trained and have a lot of expertise in the transportation industry. The fleet is
well-kept and features cutting-edge technical features. You can rest and wait for your freight to
arrive on time and in pristine shape when you commit your company’s transportation
requirements to us.
We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it’s your satisfaction that keeps us going. Our
company is thrilled to build up the finest long-distance transportation strategy for your

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Flex Transport Inc

If could give them ZERO star I would. ENERGY TRANSPORTATION, FLEX TRANSPORTATION AND FOCUS CARRIERS are the same company. They are liar and cheater. I worked with them for 6 months, after several bad treatments I decided to leave them the right way, sending them my notice. They keep my last check, I have been calling nobody answers. I sent emails, DM, I even contacted the owner they block my number. I called on different number, when they see it was me they don’t answer anymore. Be very careful to not drive this crew of thieves. I will surely sue them.
I work with these guys for a long time, never seen such devotion to job. Honest, and friendship on first place. All recommendations for future truck drivers, you won't make mistake working with FLEX
Flex Transport has been the absolute best company my husband has worked for. We absolutely adore his dispatcher Paul, Jeff in maintenance is amazing on getting equipment serviced, Shane for organizing rooms, Uber and etc when needed, Mary in accounting and Duke for after hour questions, problems and etc that might arise and I'm sorry if I left anyone out it wasn't intentional. Each and every person I've spoken with in the Flex family has been super nice, understanding and accommodating. Everyone has just been super nice, professional and honest! Which is hard to find these days!
Great company to work for! I’ve been driving a truck for 15 years and have worked for a few different companies but this is really one of the best I have worked for, if you work hard and do your job you will be treated with respect, these guys treat me like family and that’s not just some bs words. The entire team is great from dispatch to safety and the lady’s in the office are Awsome, everyone has a great attitude and easy to work with, Very professional. I love the fact that the owners, Milan, Bojana and Eric are just a phone call away if you ever need them not untouchable like others I have worked for and, They’re really down to earth people,I really enjoy talking with them, It is just like talking to one of your friends or family they treat you as equals, definitely a great place to work.
My company is a family-like company, everything is transparent, and it seems to run the company with the heart of a sincere entrepreneur who generously supports everything if the driver wants. Also, I think it is a really good company where both the company and the driver can coexist. I've worked for 5 companies so far, but probably no one is transparent and treats drivers like ours. Thank you so much for working for the FLEX company. I want to work here until I retire.


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