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The atmosphere is just welcoming to new drivers and experienced ones. My orientation instructor was also great to be around and answered a lot of my questions. This place has a great home time plan and I'm glad that I've joined the company. They put me in brand new Kenworth. First class. I love it
Great Trucking Company to work for. Great dispatch team. Zero politics. Do your best and don't complain, They will bend over backwards for the driver. I drove for them for 3 years, and if I ever have to go back to trucking, Domino is the place. The Fleet Team at Domino is tops. I don't ever think I had a preventable breakdown. They are great at replacing tires, alternators, and water pumps on a schedule. When I did have a breakdown, they got me into the next truck stop, or got me the tow or tire truck, right away. If you have two years of safe driving experience, join Domino.
Don't do it DRIVERS, This company is the worse move I ever did in my trucking career. Their deduction from your money is so high, you barely take home anything at all! They should've been glad that I returned the truck at the location they wanted it to. They also charged me for not giving two weeks notice even though I DID! I am very tempted to post my statement to let drivers see what this company is all about.
I have been with company for just over a month and so far they have full filled everything they advertised and what I was promised by a recruiter. When taking home time I was asked how long that I would like to be home before going back out again and with the apps they use it most certainly has simplified my job way more than at other companies that I have worked for in the past. I have driving for 21 years, is this place perfect, no it's not, but so far has been the best place I have worked to date.
The truck works as well as the driver taking care of it. If it breaks and takes awhile to fix Domino makes it right. Motel, breakdown pay, bus ticket or car rental to a yard to move into another truck. Hometime is up to the driver, take it when you want and take as much as you need. If you're doing like you're supposed to, it isn't that hard to get. The people are friendly and willing to work with you in every situation.


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