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Welcome to DM Express, Inc.  We are a family owned, asset based full service transportation provider.  Based out of Gary, IN we provide nationwide temperature controlled, dry, flatbed service at an affordable price.  We believe in building long term partnerships with our customers and constantly strive to honor every delivery on time.  Our team is experienced and professional.  Rest assured your cargo is in good hands when partnering up with DM Express

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DM Express Inc.

Booked a load with Jasmin in dispatch. She was the most friendly person I have spoke to in a long while. A true joy to work with so far and very professional!
I wanted to thank Slobodan for providing great service. We received regular updates, and the driver tracked!
This wasn’t the prettiest of loads, but DM Express handled it very professionally. Thanks!
Best company ever they treat you like their own family they takecare of their trucks and fix in time everyone there is just super nice and if u hard working driver they takecare of you
This is Milo typing. To all of you typing bad reviews. IF you quit fair and square and caused the company no damages, Feel free to show up at the terminal. I carry a checkbook daily and will write you a check. Do you know the saying, a wolf doesn't care about the opinion of a sheep? Yup, you guessed, that equals your review. :) We did not become a 100+ truck carrier by accident or your worthy reviews. Any high school dropout or convict can write a review on here. I give you ZERO credibility. - Love Milo
My husband has been with this company a little bit over a year now. I ride with him every day and have even had interactions with Milo and everyone in the office, everyone there is nice and treat you like a part of the family. My husband is paid every week on time for every driven mile, never been an issue there. I dont know why the bad reviews but we haven't had any issues besides a couple minor breakdowns early on but we were always taken care of by DM Express family in a timely manner, and after we were put into a brand new 2020 Volvo. Things happen that's life and if you can't take what life throws at you then you shouldn't be in this industry. To Milo and the rest of the DM Express family thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, Amanda & Charles


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