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DD Logistics strives to meet the specific needs of the trucking industry. Many drivers will require a solution for their logistics businesses and we are here to help. With a wide assortment of power units and trailers, we hope to one day lead in the lease-to-purchase industry.

Our goal is to give fair rates and lease prices for all those striving to conquer the logistics needs within the USA. Our lease-to-purchase program gives drivers the opportunity to be their own boss. We offer flexible payments and great prices on all our services.

Based upon our knowledge of the Trucking Industry, and our desire to serve our customers, we can provide a service that will be beneficial to you by providing trucks to move your product when needed and where needed. Additionally, we offer many trailers for sale or rent. These range from Great Dane trailers to Utility. Small and large, new and old, for lease or rental to sale.



Good place to be they do have loads. The problem I had with them was lack of communication..
Keep drivers paycheck over stuff that's not their fault, definitely would recommend using a different company. My boyfriend drove for them and when they let him go it was over a load that was late when he picked it up, they refused to fix the ac during the hottest months, when it was alldone and over with they kept over $6k that they owed to him.
I worked for this company for 2 years, one of the best, honest people they respect the driver, They helped me a lot also they have the latest trucks. Very good people
Best company for owner operators want to be a true owner operator and get paid like one come to Global expedited / DD Logistics in Bolingbrook Illinois.
I have been working with DD Logistics for a while now and its a great company to work with.
Starting with the office staff to all the drivers. Employees are super friendly, always happy to help and drivers are very responsible and on time.
Great place to work for, lease and rent equipment from.

I highly recommend doing business with DD Logistics.