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The CH Logistics corp transportation company was created a couple of years ago, founded by two friends and the transportation industry professionals Darko and Alex. The two grew up in Serbia and each began career in transportation that culminated with the foundung CH Logistics corp.

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Our transportation company’s crew members are all extremly well trained and handy in handling the heavy hauling tasks. On par with our wide range of specialized trucking equipment, we can handle the most demanding heavy haul transportation requirements – safety and securely

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CH Logistics Corp / CH Truck Center INC

TRUCKERS BEWARE!!! The worst company ever!!! They don't give you your escrow... bad equipment and they lie about everything!!! They falling under so they're taking the drivers money!!! Alex is so nasty with all those pimples in his dirty face!!! ALSO if they tell you to come to the yard to look at the truck they are going to fire you... they did me like that and 2 more other drivers I knew
Ran my first load with Tamara and it was a great experiance. Her driver was punctual and serviced the load as requested. Looking forward to working with them again soon.
Driver in truck 264 just assaulted my husband and no one at your company will answer the phone. The police have been called
This company has zero respect for safety. On the highway one of their trucks was speeding (120kph) and cutting other truck and cars off multiple times. One point it looked like he hit another truck. It was dark out and couldn't tell but the other truck had to move to the shoulder to avoid a huge accident.
Truck number 28 on Aug 16th eastbound on highway 402.
I called the safety line @ 11:24pm, the guy who answered the phone said I have someone on the other line, I'll call you back. He never called back.
Truly sad how this company dealt with a dangerous situation.
Great company to be a driver at. Definitely not like other companies that just talk to be talking. I get miles. Milos is my dispatch. Great guy and always has me running good loads and we communicate well. Voya and the mechanics are good folks as well. Ive liked everyone here. And I have no complaints. Your not just a number here. They are understanding and if we pass through they fix our equipment immediately. I'm able to use fuel card anytime with no problems. And I got to pick my truck. She's a beauty. Anyways I'd refer any good driver here. I live in Arkansas and chose to work all the way out here. It was worth the faith. Good pay. Great miles. Still work here 6 months later. Still like the company and have no complaints.


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