Bonivuk Logistics Inc

We are Bonivuk Logistics Inc. is a Chicago-based trucking company. Our trucking services cover 48 states. We have been climbing an upward slope and we are one of the fastest-growing trucking companies based in Illinois.

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Bonivuk Logistics Inc

I have some family in the Trucking biz, but not related to Bonivuk. I promise you all, no owner would keep a driver like that around after seeing the video. When these guys say he's no longer driving one of their rigs, I believe it. The cost of insurance going up, the cost of being sued, its not worth it. Give the owner a break, everyone mistakenly hires a dud now and then.
Great company, friend recommended to me and I'm very satisfied with dispatch and whole team!
Timothy one driver doesn’t mean the entire company is bad oh that’s what you and yours do anyways always judge the entire group based off of one experience .Gotcha
I work part time as a safety manager for this company and I enjoy it! Profesional coworkers.


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