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Avala Express is an asset-based carrier, a family owned company, dedicated to flawlessly delivering loads across 48 states 365 days a year. We are committed to building and maintaining strong business relationships with our customers, by focusing on quality service, ensuring on – time delivery and friendly customer support.  Our founders are educated individuals with university degrees in supply chain management and international business, having over 10 years of work experience in the trucking industry. Therefore, we are true experts in this field, team oriented truckers that customers can always count on. In addition, as a company we strongly believe that positive attitude brings positive outcome, therefore we practice it on daily basis!

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Avala Express LLC

I have been working for the company for two months and I really like working with Avala. I plan to stay with them for a long time. I highly recommend them for good drivers.
This is a five star carrier through & through. I have had the pleasure of working with two of their managers Brandon & Dan on many occasions & they have not disappointed. They are very meticulous & have a keen attention to detail. They do a great job of making sure things are running smoothly! We started off on a small project together but eventually moved up to some bigger & more long term projects. Their service is impeccable & they offer 24 -7 around the clock help if needed. Pavle is very nice as well. I highly recommend this company.
Diamond in the Rough!!! My experience with Avala Express has been top-notch! Building relationships with not only my customers and employees but also carrier partners is very important to my business. My family and I had the pleasure to meet Dan and Paolo in person as we traveled across the country this summer. After enjoying breakfast with them on a Saturday morning, I felt very excited to continue to bring opportunities their way and it strengthen my confidence in their abilities to give us what true partnerships are all about ---- honesty, transparency, quality service, and value! I highly recommend Avala Express to anyone that needs to move their freight.
My experience with Avala came as a result of a minor accident in a truck stop. Late one night an Avala driver reversed into my truck while parking. Needless to say I was not at all happy about it.

The driver was very apologetic and well it happens I guess.

However I was not prepared for the response from safety at Avala and my contact Ben.

These guys where so professional about the way they handled this matter. They immediately took responsibility. No questions asked. They asked for a quote for repairs and my address to send the check!

Incredible! This was all done in a matter of days.

Thank you Ben and Avala for restoring my belief in good people.
THESE ARE MY TOP GUYS. Best carrier around! 5 star service every single time. Always on time and always honest with updates. If you need freight moved, hit them up. Filip, Dan, Nash, all great guys to book with.

Can't recommend them enough!


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