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I'm a professional driver, with 10 yrs of experience in the industry, and although I have worked with some great people in the past, I found my home and family at ASQUARE FREIGHT INC!!!
From the start grounds for mutual respect were established, along with exceptional compensation, superb logistic support, and last but not least late model trucks and other equipment!
I'm greatful to have joined the team Asquare extreme!!! :)
Do not work for this company! They will steal your money with a smile. You will be short in your paycheck every week. And if you are an owner operator they will steal your security and make up an excuse in the end. Warning !!warning !!warning!! do not work for asquare freight!! they do not care about you they will steal your money!! This company is a joke and will set you up for failure.
I have only good things to say about the company, an incredible year working with them, always attentive and concerned about owner operators, Alex always aware of everything, always attentive to any need of the driver, for any owner operator is a great company, reliable and safe, I highly recommend it and it was more than a pleasure to work with ASquare. From my personal experience a very professional team with a lot of sympathy towards its drivers.
Very good experience for the year I was their as a company driver, attentive and professional small company, great respect, hands on from the safety dept, fleet manager and owner
Great Company to work for. They care for the drivers and make sure they’re satisfied. Then let you go home when needed. I go home to do 34 reset weekly