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Ambassador USA is a family-owned business started in 2011 in Strongsville, Ohio, founded by Nik Simic.  The company started with just one employee and one vehicle, with a clear vision of growing into a medium-size transportation company helping companies transport expedite shipments across the United States and Canada.

During the first 5 years of operation, Ambassador has built its name and brand in US expedite transportation community, therefore many large customers decided to use our services as a reputable transportation company with no option of failure on very important shipments. The volume of shipments awarded to Ambassador helped us grow our fleet and become an asset-based carrier.

In 2017 Ambassador opened its second dispatch location in order to serve our customers 24/7. The dispatch call center is fully staffed with experienced logistic representatives that help our customers and our drivers complete their scheduled routes successfully.

Today, Ambassador has a large fleet of expedited straight trucks delivering time-sensitive shipments for large customers. Equipped with ELD devices and GPS tracking units, we can successfully manage our trucks and assign drivers with specific tasks.

In the Spring of 2020, Ambassador moved to a new location in Columbia Station, OH, and opened a full-service truck repair shop to maintain its fleet and provide assistance to other motor carriers.

Since January 14th, 2022, Ambassador started operating from an additional location in Elk Grove Village, IL, which is “the heart” of Midwest transportation.

Our Chicago location is also fully staffed where we welcome any potential drivers, owner-operators, and logistic personnel willing to become a part of our team.


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