We are an Illinois based over the road trucking company. We service all 48 states and Canada, and specialize in full truckload temperature controlled freight. By making large investments in people, technologies, and equipment we give the highest level of service to minimize interruptions. Continual investment in newer equipment prevents breakdowns and maximizes the weight and freight our customers are able to ship. From our well-trained and courteous drivers, to our customer-focused management and staff, Bari 91 inc strives to ensure that your decision to hire us is proven positive with every load.

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We've been working with Bari 91 and every time I look down the board, checking on shipment statuses, when I see they are on a load I feel comfortable everything is progressing as expected. This team has always done a great job for us.
Pretty bad experience for me, Eddy is good people, but everybody is pretty rude. Terrible equipment, it's damage to all their trucks so that tells me they will hire anybody out of desperation. Also they will not pay you your escrow back after 45 days like the contract says. It's actually 60days but you have to make sure you call them about it cuz you won't hear anything from them. Also they're gonna find a way to give you a fourth of what you put into it. Don't do it. SCAM ARTISTS
Yes, yes that is where you park obviously to sign in at the port…🤦🏻
They are scam artists! They will keep your $2500 escrow deposit regardless.
I opened an investigation for illegal ELD practices.
Awesome company to work with. Prompt, professional, and personal. Alex and Bojan are great individuals that can be taken at their word; they mean what they say when it comes down to business. If you want to work with a great company, make Bari 91 a trusted partner.


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