We are an Illinois based over the road trucking company. We service all 48 states and Canada, and specialize in full truckload temperature controlled freight. By making large investments in people, technologies, and equipment we give the highest level of service to minimize interruptions. Continual investment in newer equipment prevents breakdowns and maximizes the weight and freight our customers are able to ship. From our well-trained and courteous drivers, to our customer-focused management and staff, Bari 91 inc strives to ensure that your decision to hire us is proven positive with every load.

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Awesome company to work with. Prompt, professional, and personal. Alex and Bojan are great individuals that can be taken at their word; they mean what they say when it comes down to business. If you want to work with a great company, make Bari 91 a trusted partner.
Parked on road for 4hrs blocking entire lane of roadway. 06/19/21 4 am until 8 am. trailer #8844. Driver went back into his sleeper to sleep while parked on roadway. Good advertising for your company.
A bit pricey but overall good
Just watched one of your drivers try to run a car off the road... clearly NOT the type of person who should be allowed on the road. Let alone with a 18 wheeler.

Driving north bound on I65 between the exit for rt231 and rt30.
US DOT 2267141
MC 774 025

He even three something(which ended up hitting a different vehicle) out his passenger window at the car that didn't move away when your driver intentionally swerved half way into his lane!!

I doubt whatever your driver was mad about was worth intentionally killing someone (possibly many)!!

I know how these things go. I'm sure nothing will be done to discipline the driver. I hope you don't wait until something terrible happens to correct this.
best company ever


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