We are NV Freight Inc. Here, we provide creative transportation and delivery services throughout the country. We deliver quality services with care for different freight services and a completely integrated dispatch system as well as advanced delivery services. Ours is one of the fastest-growing trucking companies based in Chicago.

Here, in NV Freight Inc. we are a small family. We believe that the way to success is filled with difficult tasks, trustworthiness, and devotion. Over the previous years, we have built up a solid standing among our clients through our obligation to accomplish greatness and offer creative arrangements. We are a Chicago-based company situated in the Countryside of IL.


Flatbed –  Dispatchers under our company are very experienced. They have five or more years of experience and they can solve any situation.

Dry Van –  For company drivers – You can choose among: “Get paid per mile, Percentage of Salary” options.

Reefer – Our reefer division has one of the best dispatchers in the country. We work only with the best brokers and also we have a lot of direct contacts with shippers.





$11,000 Is An Average Weekly Gross For Owner Operators at NV Freight Inc! 2 years on CDL with a decent driving record.
Our superb dispatcher system is getting the best rates from a log board. We provide the highest weekly income and return on your truck investment!
Stay out as much as you want, choose your home time and the zones you want to run in.
We Offer:
– Dry Van or Flatbed
– 88% of gross
– 24/7 dispatch (English/Spanish)
– Fuel Cards, EFS Checks, IFTA filing, Registration
– Cash advance for repairs and maintenance
– Affordable Cargo and Liability Insurance
– New trailer rent program with no hidden fees
312 414-0250 ext 202



Google rating


Very great company to work for. I have been here for a few months & the company is very accommodating. The miles are consistent, I have had 2 dispatchers, (both are great) , the company is very flexible with routes, no micromanaging, every issue I’ve had with my truck is always taken care of, always paid on time, they take care of their drivers, & they are very professional. They have pre-pass so I barely go in weight stations, & the dispatchers are very experienced. I can stay out for extended time because it is a very stress free work place. It is non-force Dispatch, most of my loads are dispatched to me early in the day, they keep up away from congested areas in the north east , & the routes are very easy to run through. Great company.
DRIVERS BEWARE! This company has zero integrity. I only got half the miles they said I would get. When I gave two weeks notice suddenly it was tarp loads everyday with low miles for the first week, then 850 miles for my final week. They keep $200 a week for the first 10 weeks for an escrow account to pay for truck recovery or if you don’t give two weeks notice, and say they’ll pay it back to you 45 days after employment ends. I returned their truck, after my two weeks notice was complete, to their yard and have been ghosted by the company since. Forget about recovering an escrow account from this company without taking them to court. Most of the positive reviews here are from office employees and the owner. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. There’s plenty of good companies out there to work for that will do what they say they will do, I wouldn’t recommend this one.
Good company, one of the best companies I ever been, working as a owner operator, I been working with the company for almost 3 years , great dispatch people and great people
Hey I’m Sam Great company iv been with them for 1 year and 5 months great miles great pay very understanding and nice great home time great trucks I’m 8 years into driving and this is the best company I have had witch is why I stick by them
I was in an accident to where I couldn't get to the truck, they kept all my belongings and never paid me my last check. I wouldn't Recommend working for this company